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Life is meaningless without purpose. However, there are usually hurdles to pass when achieving your life’s goal. In the same manner, every successful business passes through a phase of adversity, failure, and seasons of risk-taking. Catapulting Commissions: Achieve Your Next Sales Goal by Anthony Garcia is directed towards helping the reader achieve more and strive to become a globally recognized sales rep and a successful businessperson.

According to Garcia, when it comes to your goals, identifying your worst-case scenario is very vital. There are multiple benefits to doing this at the beginning of your goal-setting process. First, you can envision all the adverse outcomes of missing your goal before you commit your time and energy. Think about what could go wrong when you don’t achieve your goals. To know how to implement this,

This book is one that challenges the reader not to let circumstances determine their outcomes. Regardless of the venture, failing is a possibility. You may even be a person who fails at more goals than you achieve. Anthony Garcia makes the reader understand that failing at more tasks than they deliver is not unusual; rather, it is okay to fail at more goals than you accomplish.

Catapulting Commissions teaches a valuable lesson not to question the slightest of your abilities. In this book, you’ll find five areas that might impact your goal-setting process, and each point is explicitly analyzed. If you’re working towards achieving your next sales goal, these areas will aid the journey to success. The author makes the reader ask some crucial questions, which included, “who am I before I start working on this goal, and what do I stand for?” The reader would need to take some time to answer these questions to practically implement what Garcia teaches in this book.

What I loved most about this book was the seamless manner the author arranged the steps. I found out that each step was as essential as the other. It was amazing how I finally satisfied the thought of being selfish, as the author explained that it was okay to be a little selfish. He said if I couldn’t take care of myself first, there’s no way I would help someone else. This was very important to note, as so many have been caught in the web of what they feel their friends or family would say if they don’t get any assistance from them.

Garcia encouraged me to plan for adversities by writing down potential setbacks and deciding how I would react to it. This way, I would be creating a detailed and strategic contingency plan with which to achieve my goals.

The book was professionally edited and I rate this book four out of four stars because reading through each line exposed me to a lot more than I thought of being a good sales rep. I recommend this book to anyone who is business inclined and those who need to shoot their sales volume to the roof.


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