Lauren Gibbs on Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk w/ Anthony Garcia

An Olympic Mentality w/ Lauren Gibbs

Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with your host, Anthony Garcia. Our very first guest on the show is here again–Lauren Gibbs, Olympic medalist, conversationalist, sales guru, and manager. Today, she’s back to share with us her growth and approach to success on every level.

The last time Lauren and Anthony spoke, Lauren had just won silver at the Olympics. Now, she’s looking ahead to Bejing 2020. This time around, it looks a little bit different–she’s at the end of her career, COVID has taken its toll, taking on a full-time job, among other pressures. Not only has she taken on so much, but she’s performing at the highest possible level in everything she’s doing. The training looks and feels different and requires a different mentality. It’s one thing to reach a certain level of greatness, but it’s a different beast to maintain that level of greatness. Now, the motivation is different. You have to find a reason to keep going, not get there. For Lauren, she wants to see how good she could be. Consistency, muscle memory, and being able to show up and be excellent at any point drives her. Success is identifying opportunities and running with them. You always have the power to leave whenever you want, but if you’re going to do it, do it to the best of your ability. Otherwise, what’s the point? Just like winning, quitting is habit-forming. That’s the mentality.

It’s hard to go from the highest level of competition back to everyday life. Lauren’s advice to those who are next up to find massive success and return to normalcy is this: reflect. Think about the things you do and don’t enjoy and identify what was integral to your success. Remember the work you had to do to get there, which can be scary, but find the little things you can do that can get you, and keep you, there. You can’t skip steps.

Lauren is currently the Director of External Sales at Parity, where her mission is to improve the lives of athletes and their families and close the pay gap for female professional athletes’ sponsorships. There, she connects with brands with women athletes to promote and amplify brands while getting women paid. Her process is the same no matter the scale–it’s the sales professionals who overthink and muddy their sales process. Every level deserves the same effort.

Lauren’s speaking career is a major part of how she motivates people. She did a TEDx talk, and from there she got herself out there. Through social media, LinkedIn, and other important connections, she was able to share her goals with others. Then, your network builds and feedback rolls in. When you surround yourself with great people, you do great things.

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