Betting on Yourself w/ Zee Slingsby

Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with your host, Anthony Garcia. Our guest today is Zee Slingsby–she’s currently a health and wellness coach, but also a lifelong sales and business guru. She laid her foundation in door-to-door sales and landed in sales leadership. She’s passionate about building people up to become successful leaders. Today, we’re breaking down her mentality and how she elevates those around her. 

From the get-go, Zee found herself searching for places she could help her fellow salespeople out. It started as something she just liked doing, but then she realized it was a better fit for her than what she was currently doing. She was excited by everything that comes with a sales leadership position–watching people develop their skills, the excitement of month-end work, you name it. Now, she’s in the health and wellness space–something she’s passionate about inside and out. But, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still a business coach. She helps women run, live, and grow their own fitness business. Especially as mothers and parents, it’s important to be physically and mentally-emotionally healthy. 

Zee’s leadership style has evolved over time. In corporate America, you’re interviewing first. You’re looking for someone who is going to fit the model and philosophy of the company. In the roles you’re filling, like anything else in life, there is a phase where you’re past the honeymoon and the reality of a position sets in. Many leaders resisted that moment of discovery, but Zee embraced it. Now that she isn’t anyone’s boss anymore, Zee’s style has changed. She shows up for the people who choose to do the work. She shares resources and coaches, but she can’t force anyone to do anything. Zee runs alongside people–no one gets fired. There are no quotas set, no goals too small or too big, just make sure you’re doing the work. Zee’s role is to push you to wherever you want to end up. She believes in helping her team truly understand what it’ll take and committing to it. Effective leaders, Anthony adds, manage people to their dreams, not the company’s goal. 

Don’t skip over the challenges you’ll face as a leader. If you try to jump through all the moments where it’s hard, you’re going to miss out on a massive opportunity to learn and grow, and eventually become a better leader. Do the personal development, and everything will improve. Return to “how do I help somebody?” If you’re running your own business, share value even if it doesn’t pay you. Offer your audience the trust that they’ll never know what you’re getting paid for and what you aren’t. You can avoid that icky sales feeling by ensuring that what you’re providing will always be helpful. Give more than what you’re asking for in return. 

Often, failure is a big deterrent to growth for sales people. But even beyond that, it’s failing in front of others and/or those you care about. Ask yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” What does failure look like and what result are you afraid of? Usually that’s unknown. The only thing people will see is if you quit. So, let’s not quit! There will be posts that don’t get public interaction immediately, but that doesn’t mean the value isn’t there. People are watching. Keep doing the action to get better at it. The community you’ll build over time will absolutely be there to cheer you on in your stories and posts. There is an authentic care that is shared and invested. You’ll get more the more you put into it. 

Zee’s company is called Shaklee. She’s bringing the work they do to social media. They’ve been well-loved for years, proof, and an incredible foundation for health and wellness. Zee helps people get healthy and build a business with a child on their lap. She reminds us when you transition from one company to another, do it in a clean, respectful, and amenable way. With that being said, don’t change your standard of living when you make that transition, and make sure you won’t have to. 


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