Don’t let ‘the great resignation’ impact your salesforce

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with your host, Anthony Garcia. Today, we’re sitting down with Anthony for a monologue episode in which he’s discussing a recent blog he wrote entitled “Don’t Let ‘The Great Resignation’ Impact Your Salesforce.” We’ll break down why is turnover important, and how you can prevent its impact.

“The Great Resignation” is a term that was first coined by Philip Kane in an article from 2019. He writes about its impact today and how it continues to happen. In June 3.9 million people voluntarily quit their jobs. A survey of over 30,000 workers conducted by Microsoft found that 41% of the people are considering quitting. In his article that the cost of turnover is expensive, especially at this rate. The bottom line here is if you feel this way, you’re not alone. But let’s dive into why it’s happening.

The reality of corporate America is businesses want to provide revenue and pay their shareholders. The disconnect between caring for people over profit can be helped by prioritizing the people. If you’re acting in a narcissistic, quota-first mentality, there’s a good chance your team is thinking of joining the resignation movement. You may get a short-term burst by putting profit over people, but in the long-term, it’ll lead to burnout.

Every sales corporation claims to put people over profit, but the time is now to walk the walk. People want to perform at a high level. If you exploit and take this for granted, they’ll take that foundational talent elsewhere. We’re talking about a heightened level of empathy. Sales professionals have families, and their worlds are turned upside-down right now. Their lives are filled with uncertainty. Let people know it is okay to take some time for your family first because we’re always going to be here, we’re always going to drive the number we’re always going to get it. You always find a way to succeed, you just need someone to support you along the way. When it happens, people will run through a brick wall.

It’s also important to realize all your reps are consuming news in today’s age that can absolutely suck the life out of them. No matter where they fall on the political spectrum, information is out there and easy to find, and it can be overwhelming. Empathize and touch-base to see how people are doing mentally. Listen to what they have to say and connect with them on a human level first. Compassionate listening is how you can demonstrate how much you care about your team as people first. Remember–any time you give a command, consider what’s in it for your team. Don’t stop holding people accountable for their responsibilities, but also take into account the compliment sandwich. Put your ask between two opportunities to improve. Sometimes it’s less about an iron fist and more about a compassionate heart.