Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk

Finding the right consultant w/ Anthony Garcia

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with your host, Anthony Garcia. This week, Anthony is coming at you solo, and he’s going to breakdown, unravel, and dissect everything surrounding consulting. How valuable is experience? Today, listen to Anthony’s monologue as he shares with us his personal experience, perspective, and advice when working with consultants. 

Anthony starts us off by reminding us to ask ourselves these questions when interviewing a consultant: what will I gain by working with this consultant that I can’t get by myself? Sometimes, it’s a different perspective that brings a valuable lens to help you identify new opportunities, new avenues for revenue, and new salesforce additions. That relationship can be positive in that the consultant is objective, brings years of experience, and confidence in their trade. 

When Anthony mention’s ‘years of experience’ he isn’t talking about years in age. If you bring success to 10 companies just this year, you have 10 years worth of experience. 

As a business owner bringing a consultant into your world, the next question you need to ask is this: is this person credible? Do they have the authority to speak on what they are speaking about? This is a tough one because when you do your research, social media simply isn’t enough. Think about their consistency, impact, and demonstrable results as they relate to the work you do. That’s how you separate the pros and the shows. Pros can easily provide you with quality referrals, they’re transparent about what they can and can’t do, and are generally really good salespeople. But when it comes to execution, you’ll see some discrepancies. 

The third thing to look for when hiring a consultant, is the guarantee they provide. What they can offer is everything. Some will go as far as to refund their fees if they don’t generate their guaranteed revenue increase. That’s where rubber meets the road–how comfortable and confident are they in identifying this opportunity? Build a structure for your consultant that works for you. Do you need a sales person? Someone to identify opportunities? They need to stand behind what they do. 

Anthony’s advice to those trying to grow their consultant business or if you’re just trying to grow a business in general: you only have one reputation. Protect it at all costs. There should never be a time where it’s questioned, and if it is, do everything in your power to redeliver the results you were entrusted to do. If you lose that, your marketplace is small, and your reputation precedes you.