From the couch to $10 million w/ Jefferson Rogers

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. Our guest today is Jefferson K. Rodgers, who worked in construction, auto mechanics, pressure washing, and door-to-door sales.  Jefferson felt stuck at those jobs.  He knew he was destined for more. He dreamed of having his own business now, he helps others achieve theirs.

Not long ago, Jefferson was the guy on the couch. Struggling with addiction, shifting his mentality was no easy task. He reminds us that we all have an internal voice yells at us when we are about to do something that doesn’t align with our true purpose or with who we actually are. The more we suppress that voice, the quieter it gets until you’re justifying choices that are beneficial to you anymore.

If you feel or have ever had that secret feeling, Jeffersons reminds us that we are not alone. Confronting it is a daunting task, but refocusing the energy you spend on your vices to self improvement, development, reaching your goals, you’ll meet your potential. The first step is surrounding yourself with people with high-level drive. What you’ll see sets them apart is integrity and showing up day after day, embodying what they’re talking about.

Going from zero to over $10 million in 2 years comes back to the coaching Jefferson received, which allowed him to tap into his work-ethic and maximize his skillset to grow. It’s important to develop yourself as a leader with coaching, become a culture builder, and keep perspective from those who have been successful in their own work. Getting direction is key. The rest is just execution.

For a long time, Jefferson personally trained every single person who helped his business achieve 10 million. Now, much of his training is repeatable and digitized, a mixture of his own work and outside structures. Developing his people brings change. It’s hard to let go–but you have to trust people to pick up where you left off. Most people will pay for marketing and advertising, but few will spend that on investing in the development of their people. Jefferson knows he’ll get a return on that.

Getting someone over being stuck is hard–but consider how what you do can help them in their lives. Leadership is about offering opportunities to get better and move the needle–it’s about inspiring people first.

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