Getting ahead of the curve w/ Joseph Fung- ep 87

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. Our guest this week is Joseph Fung, CEO of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator. He’s a repeat founder and CEO and often speaks on sales, leadership, diversity, and corporate social responsibility. Joseph sits on the board of Communitech, the KW Symphony, GTAN, and volunteers with several other local not for profits. Today, he’s here to talk about tech sales, getting there, and thinking well ahead.

Joseph is the CEO of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator. They run a 12-week training program for driven, talented individuals who are looking to transition into technology and sales roles. They believe in their work so much, they don’t even charge tuition until you’ve landed a full-time job. This is all so doable because they believe information should be free. All the content they make is available for free, but–you can’t learn the piano just by reading a book. In their program you’re doing actionable things, getting hours under your belt, and building important sales muscles. They’re looking for things like grit and tenacity. People who know how to bring value instead of just pushing a sale–people who want what the outcome will be.

Part of what they teach at Uvaro are sales methodologies. The truth is, many companies fail not because they have the wrong methodology, it’s that their people just aren’t executing. It’s about knowing all the methodologies and pulling them in when it matters. What else sets Uvaro apart is their approach to what is being taught and what is needed. Often, companies are looking for fully-formed sales people–that doesn’t happen. Talent needs to be developed, and those who do it now are going to be far ahead. 

To make yourself a valuable candidate in the future, especially in tech, Joseph turns towards an often overlooked aspect of the sales process–how you carry yourself when you meet a client. The way you run yourself on Zoom makes a huge difference. Did you start on time? Do you know how to mute and unmute effectively? Is your lighting well positioned? All of these things greatly impact your success. Getting comfortable with online etiquette is essential. 

The second actionable thing you can do right now to prepare for the transition into tech sales is video content. Building a human connection when you can’t be in-person is a valuable skill to have. Most reps aren’t doing this well yet. If you can get ahead, you’ll have the advantage. 

Tune in to hear more about Joseph’s company and his philosophy on sales, leadership, and more. 


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