Giving for the Sake of Giving Ep 91 Katie Connelly

This week on the Catapulting Commissions podcast, Anthony is sitting down with Katie Connelly, a talented and decorated Real Estate Agent. Katie was selected for the prestigious VCCAR Leadership Academy and graduated from that program. In 2019, she served as the Leadership Development Committee Vice-Chair, and in 2020 will Chair that committee. Her motto is “give for the sake of giving,” and today, she’ll tell us how that impacts her professional life.

Getting someone comfortable with buying a property can be a rollercoaster, but Katie handles it with transparency. She bases her business on referrals, and many have had positive experiences already, so the trust is already there. Having a high-powered network and influential circle lay the foundation for that inward-bound business. She got there by coming from a place of providing service.

In the times where people are panicking, it’s important to understand that everyone has the same goal–we will all get there together. Katie tells us that you have to be in the driver’s seat from the get-go. Do the work ahead of time and take ownership of what you’re doing.

The real estate agent ecosphere is competitive as can be. To stand out, Katie returns to honesty. She tells people off the bat–she wants to work with people that she loves and trusts. She knows her worth and values the relationship between the buyer and the work she does. It’s the difference between working for and representing. Throughout the ‘interview’ process, providing value, setting goals and expectations, and demonstrating why she is the person to go through the journey with.

Katie is volunteering her time to help her community. Because of that, her brand got more credible, her sales process became more efficient, and she became one of the most influential real estate agents in the country. Doing what she loves, giving value, is at the root of success.

Tune in to hear Katie’s tips on overcoming income and revenue ruts, hear how she breaks down the sales process in different situations, and some key things to remember when buying and selling.