Increasing Sales Revenue Through Optimization Episode 76

Today’s guest is going to help address a challenge many sales professionals face: increasing sales, but they’re lacking something. Joining Anthony this week is Doug Brown. Doug is America’s number one expert in revenue expansion and sales optimization, and works with businesses of every size, helping them generate over 500 million dollars in sales. He’s breaking down his process and secrets for us on the Catapulting Commissions Podcast.

When you’re looking to improve your business’s revenue (as most entrepreneurs and sales professionals are) Doug reminds us to take a close look at your ‘truthful mission’ — a mission you can measure. Then, get clear on the realistic setting and timeframe for hitting those goals. Once you’ve set the foundation, look at what you have, what you’re missing, and what your blind spots are. Make an assessment and build a growth plan that makes sense and is achievable for your business. Gain clarity upfront to set expectations and grow.

There are lots of challenges that can creep up in your blind spot. There are about 10 facets to growing sales revenue, but what happens is people focus myopically on one or two aspects. For example, if you’re too focused on attaining new clients, you may be ignoring the buying frequency of your existing base. It could be follow-up, prospecting, or any number of things. The point is, there are usually areas that aren’t getting the attention they need for you to hit your goals. Many companies pick the low-hanging fruit and ignore the others. Assess the people, skills, and system behind it and optimize.

When companies come to Doug, there are different processes that could undergo, or it could be multiple. In fact, it’s a formula more than a process. When you’re baking a cake, you look at the ingredients you have and identify what ingredients you’re missing, or maybe you have too many ingredients–sales are the same way. There are often places where businesses get stuck–that’s the blind spot. When you can close those gaps, you increase revenue.

During the implementation of the strategy, there are moments where you need to bring in new talent and opportunities to cultivate existing team members–it all depends on the situation. Doug uses sales-specific assessments to determine the sales DNA of the salesperson. Sometimes, that can reveal that people are in the wrong position, sometimes it’s getting rid of someone or multiple people who are disruptive to the growth of your organization. When you’re hiring, you have to make sure you can handle a team of top producers. Everyone wants the A-player, but not everyone is an A-caliber company.

A-players are always A-players for a reason. It isn’t like they are going to object at every opportunity, it depends on their goal. Every company needs to be clear on what role that A-player fills. Is it to win back clients? Blaze a new train? Start an independent agency? Define what you’re looking for before you look. These A-players are going to expect that the delivery will be exactly what they’re told. Every A-player has a recruiting score that measures their metrics against their peers. Once you have the persona, it’s about finding where they are. Organizations, clubs, and groups of networks are good places to find highly competitive players. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is being in too much of a rush and not working with a process that is measurable. You’re better off taking 5 months to find the right person than hiring 2 people in 3 months and having both burn out. Don’t hire because you like them, hire who can do the job.

Tune in to hear Doug talk about his philosophy on sales. For Doug, “the root of all objections is fear.”


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Catapulting Commissions Podcast
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