Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk w/ Anthony Garcia

Keeping more of the money you make w/ Robert Gonzalez

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. Today’s guest is Robert Gonzales. Robert is the COO and Co-founder of MyBooks.Pro, which offers profitability and bookkeeping services to real estate agents, sales professionals, and investors. Before founding MyBooks.PRO, Robert was the National Sales Trainer at Trumaker and the National Sales Director at VP Marketing Solutions. He was responsible for recruiting, training, and developing Sales Representatives (Outfitters) throughout Northern California and other major markets in Denver, NYC, Seattle, & LA. He created and refined a full sales program for VP Marketing Solution in addition to onboarding Sales Reps (territory leads). During his time there, annual sales grew from $1 Million in 2013 to $4 million the next year, and again to $7 Million in 2015. Before that, Robert build is foundational knowledge of sales at Vector Marketing as a District Manager of the #1 sales team in 2009.

On today’s show, Anthony and Robert are going to dive in and discuss how sales professionals and entrepreneurs can keep more of the money they make. How do we become more profitable in today’s climate?

First, Robert talks about some of the lessons he learned early in his career that has given him lifelong practices. For Robert, sales begin by transferring enthusiasm from one person to another. Management was the same thing–transferring that enthusiasm to your team who can offer it to their clients. He also remembers trying to balance the excitement of running a business and managing a team and the reality of keeping tabs on everything that comes with being in charge of an enterprise.

Robert then breaks down how he developed and wrote a sales curriculum and sales training materials for his team. He says it mostly comes from his own experience as a sales representative, but he also pulls from the feedback he got from the expertise he shares with his team and their clients. This allows him to gather a wealth of knowledge on what clients like, dislike, and their perspective. He quickly learned that a major component of building a relationship with a client is understanding how they feel.

Now, Robert works as the COO of MyBooks.Pro. He is in the business of profitability coaching, which gets to the core of today’s episode–how can entrepreneurs keep more of the money they make? Robert breaks it down to two categories: sell more and spend less. Selling more is certainly more fun, but Robert is in the business of helping you spend less.

Robert dives into some mistakes that some entrepreneurs make in their first year of doing business that has a direct impact on their income. The first, he says, isn’t actually related to sales. It’s spending outside of their means. There are countless numbers of examples of people who feel like they aren’t making enough money, when really, they are spending too much. Living like a broke college kid can go a long way. Entrepreneurs are the most sold to business demographics. There will always be expenses. It’s important to be sure about your revenue before deciding how much to spend. 

It’s important to prioritize what you need to spend money on as a business owner. Robert says it’s important to ask “is this essential?” and then if it’s a yes or maybe answer, ask “how much revenue is this generating?” It can be as small as $30 a month. That adds up! Are you getting that much value out of it? It’s also important to keep track of overdraft fees. Those can haunt you when your paycheck comes.

Robert and Anthony discuss in-depth becoming incorporated, self-employment taxes and separating business and personal expenses to keep more money.

What You’ll Learn

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Robert Gonzalez dive in and discuss how sales professionals and entrepreneurs can keep more of the money they make. How do we become more profitable in today’s climate?