Overcoming challenges and setting goals: A live coaching session

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk Podcast with Anthony Garcia. This week’s podcast is part two of two. Anthony is excited to welcome back Charlotte McKay and Cari Nokes for a live coaching session. Both women are active in the world of direct sales. In this episode, Anthony advises Cari and Charlotte on how to overcome challenges and set goals for 2022.

Like a lot of sales professionals, the biggest challenge for Charlotte and Cari is to avoid coming off as “sales-y.” The way they avoid that now is to make the process fun, stay connected to their team, and share their journey in direct sales. That includes sharing both struggles and their successes– as well as their vulnerabilities. Anthony says doing this means they are connecting with their teams on a human level. Doing this allows them to sell by educating and influencing–not by being “sales-y.” With a peek into Charlotte and Cari’s private lives, buyers and team members see them as approachable and authentic. It’s not just about selling products, it’s about sharing their own lives. It’s easy to focus too much on having a huge audience but that’s not important; if you can influence one person, you’re making a difference.

It’s also challenging to set boundaries and stay motivated. Charlotte says there’s no such thing as a nail emergency, and she makes sure her team understands that. Cari likes to teach self-sufficiency so they don’t call on her at all hours. Anthony suggests adding a system of automation to help with boundaries. That way if someone reaches out with a question that is commonly asked, there is a system in place where they can find the answer. It takes some time on the front end to set it up, but it will save time in the end.

To stay motivated, Charlotte says the motivation isn’t always there, but she shows up no matter what. Cari’s motivation is the desire to avoid going back into corporate America. Anthony says at the end of the day mindset is everything. Let go of your fear of failure and do the work, it’ll be easier to stay motivated, overcome challenges, and have success.

To finish out the session, Anthony runs through a goal exercise with Cari and Charlotte. They share their goals, which he helps turn them into SMARTer goals. Going through this process shapes the way they will attack their goal. The SMART goal is a common tool, and it’s a good starting point. We all know the elements of a SMART goal. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time bound. Anthony challenges them to add an ER. What are the “Emotions” you will feel and what is a meaningful, specific “Reward” you will get when you achieve those goals. He also recommends writing down what you “must do” and what you “must eliminate” in order to achieve your goal.

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