Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk w/ Raphael Collazo

Pivoting into Success w/Raphael Collazo

Thanks for tuning into the Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with your host, Anthony Garcia. Today, Anthony is sitting down with Raphael Collazo, a commercial real estate agent who has seen massive success thanks to his ability to pivot in a time of turmoil and launch his business into success.

When Raphael first got into sales, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but he did know that in order to be successful, he had to produce on a consistent level. Just as he was getting his name out there, the pandemic hit. Conversations suddenly came to a halt. In that moment, he knew he had to make the move online. He began producing Youtube videos and before long, he had a community of 600 members in his LinkedIn Group. Now, the results start to pay off.

Raphael built his success in a way other than the tried-and-true calling prospects dozens of times. He knew it would take time to build a personal brand. It’s about consistent action. When you’re interacting with a potential client, they have to know you, like you, and trust you. For that to happen, a video of you allows them an opportunity to get insight into your personality. That way when you meet them in a social setting, they feel like they already know you. It breaks down the barrier of initial trust.

Imposter syndrome–so many sales professionals face this challenge every day, but especially when moving into a new or unknown space. The key is to have the confidence to trust the process in becoming a good communicator and translate that to wherever your audience lives.

Raphael’s new book, “Before You Sign That Lease” is a comprehensive guide to commercial real estate. Especially as a start-up, signing a bad lease can cripple you in a big way. First and foremost, evaluate if you really need a space–don’t get trapped into thinking having a space legitimizes your business. Don’t rely on residential leasing experience for commercial–it’s an entirely different beast. Knowing and understanding different kinds of leases, how costs factor in, and risk all play a major part in choosing where to land.

Competition in a sales space is natural and occurs frequently. Raphael suggests focusing on something you can produce with confidence. Consistency combats limiting beliefs! Start by documenting your journey of professional development and consider producing content based on that. There aren’t a lot of people doing this on a consistent basis.

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