The Hunter Becomes the Hunted w/ Rob Kosberg

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Podcast with Anthony Garcia. Our guest today is Rob Kosberg, founder of Best Seller Publishing. Rob has been described as “one of the kings at helping people get their idea out of their minds, onto pages, & into the market place.” This week, Rob is going to share with us the impact having a successfully published book can have on your sales career. 

Rob is a sales guy. At 18 he got his real estate license. He learned to be the first one in the office, look at old listings, and start cold calling. His second month he sold five houses. Naturally, he bought a Corvette and investment property. His father’s advice stuck with him, even today. Pounding the pavement, though, wasn’t always the best method. It definitely works, but there are other ways of marketing. He discovered that you could shift the game from hunting to being hunted by clients. He does that with a best selling book. 

So, when an individual is ready to make the change from outbound to inbound, what do they do? First, it’s important to remember that there is a hierarchy of desire. As you become more desirable, your value increases. When the market sees you as an authority, your become more desirable. You want to move from a generalist to an expert and thought-leader. How? A best selling book. Everyone knows that people at the top of their field “wrote the book on it.” When you add media to that, there’s no other way to classify that person as a celebrity on their subject. Simply put, the more people who know who you are, the more you can charge. 

Conceptualizing an idea into a book is a process. Rob suggests starting as narrow as possible. If you’re an expert in a small arena, that’s what you should write about. The money is not in the royalties of the book, the money is in your expertise in your marketplace. You need a book you can make millions of dollars with even if it only sells 10,000 copies. 

A framework Rob lays out in his own book, Publish. Promote. Profit. is built on a number of ideas. One of which is understanding how many “failed authors” there are. They either fail to ever finish the book, publish, or sell the book despite the effort invested in it. You still need to market! Most people fail because they feel they need to write 1,000 words a day–that doesn’t work for everyone. Or, they’re writing on the wrong subject. Rob’s book breaks down the thousands of failed efforts and pinpoints the boiling points. 

A massive problem in traditional ghost writing is a lack of the author’s unique voice. Rob and his team have found a formula that incorporates context into content. The foundation is based on offering insight into the author’s life and story. In that way, it’s going to be ‘your’ voice and your story. 



Rob kosberg on the catapulting commissions podcast
rob kosberg on the catapulting commissions podcast
rob kosberg on the catapulting commissions podcast