Signs That Fear Is Holding You Back (And What To Do About It)

Fear is a powerful force that can either hold us back or push us forward– depending on how much you let it control you. Whether you’re starting a business or hoping to succeed in the corporate world, fear can present many roadblocks on your journey toward success. But how do you recognize these signs of fear? What should be done if you see them in yourself or others around you?

In today’s episode of Catapulting Commissions Podcast, we’ll look at some surefire signs that fear is holding you back and what actionable steps you can take to overcome it. Tune in to learn more about recognizing the telltale symptoms of this all-too-pervasive emotion – and taking control of it!

Topics discussed:

  • Is fear a friend or a foe?
  • Overcome fear by creating a mantra
  • My mantra for the year
  • Signs that fear is controlling you
  • Ask yourself this when fear is crippling in
  • Resources to overcome your fears as an entrepreneur

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