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Join Me for a Sales Training on January 11th, 2021

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Want to hit your sales goals in 2021?  Join me as we go through the Catapulting Commissions Sales Webinar Series. The workshop is designed to ensure that you hit your very next sales goal. 2020 has been a year that has been filled with adversity and without an appropriate plan for 2021, you are more likely to be a part of the 90% that doesn’t hit their sales goal.

Are you constantly finding your career in sales is leaving you with an unpredictable income? A harsh commission pendulum that causes you to live your life by feast or famine?

As I matured in my sales career, I realized that an effective goal-setting process is often overlooked by sales professionals. The Catapulting Commissions process is what helped me NEVER miss an individual sales quota in my professional career.

In this workshop, I will walk you through a series of questions and exercise to guarantee that you are prepared to hit your next sales goal. By going through this process, you no longer become someone who is wondering how top salespeople hit their goals. You become a top salesperson with the income to match. This goal-setting process has allowed me to earn top accolades in multiple industries. Not only has it helped me further advance my career, but it has also helped those I have mentored and coached.

Join me and learn the steps that have helped my clients produce a consistent 6 figure income.  This is the same process that has made the Catapulting Commissions book a 2021 book recommendation by Selling Power Magazine.

A couple of logistical details for this workshop. This will take place over a series of 6 weeks and by registering you will get access to all the recordings.

However, if you attend the live event, I will be answering questions and providing live coaching at the end. Also, by registering, you will get a free copy of Catapulting Commissions directly emailed to you.

Please understand this. I have spent my entire sales career honoring one fundamental principle. I always strive to provide more value than I receive in return.

While this workshop is being offered free of charge, I can assure you the knowledge you receive will be priceless. That is how I live my life and that is how I crafted this workshop.

My goal and objective of this workshop are to have you hit your sales goals in 2021. Typically, I would charge thousands of dollars to conduct this workshop, but right now I am offering it for free. All I ask in return is that you apply what you have learned and make 2021 your best sales year ever.

I have spent nearly the past 20 years studying and perfecting my craft of sales goal execution. This process has helped my clients earn numerous accolades and achieve income goals that were once out of reach.

Be sure to register for this rare opportunity to join in on the Catapulting Commissions Workshop for free.

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