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Imagine what your career would be like if you knew you could get your prospects to say YES more than they say no.

Sales professionals only get their prospects to say yes 19% of the time. That is way too low to make a comfortable living.

This lack of consistent new commission dollars can leave sales professionals in a major financial pinch.

As I matured in my sales career, I realized not enough time was spent on actually learning why people say yes. So much of my time was spent on product knowledge and prospecting. This was a major mistake!

During this live course, I will be sharing the exact repeatable influential skills that top sales professionals and entrepreneurs around the world use.

By going through this process, you no longer become someone who is closing ONLY 19% of their sales prospects.

This “Influence Skill Set” has allowed me to earn top accolades in multiple industries. Not only has it helped me further advance my career, but it has also helped those I have mentored and coached. Come learn the steps that have helped take my students from 60K in annual income to over 350K a year.

In order to get access to this information, I will need you to spend 1 hour with me on Monday, October 19th

Now I know there are plenty of people out there who will teach you sales who have made a career of teaching others to sell. However, the biggest difference you will find with Catapulting Commissions Is:


This information isn’t based on theory or outdated practices. This is tried, tested, and proven.

Of course, you can get this information yourself by reading multiple books and listening to countless hours of podcasts and YouTube videos.

However, that would require a significant investment of time and research. How much is your time worth?

If you are still sitting on the fence thinking about this. I am going to ask you:

Why wouldn’t you do this?

By simply signing up for the course, I will send you the E-Book of Catapulting Commissions for free and you get access to the recordings.

There is no sales pitch with this course. Bottom line, I want you to find so much value that I gain your trust for the next time you have a sales problem.

Join me and find out why Forbes said – “Anthony Garcia is an expert in sales training, goal achievement and motivating salespeople to peak performance.”

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