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Increased Income

Did you know 43% of workers would be willing to leave their companies for a 10% salary increase?

Salesforce Retention

34% of sales professionals turn over within their first two years on the job. That’s twice the amount for any other profession.

Maximum Sales Effort

Every sales organization has sales reps that are dealing with Complacent Sales Syndrome™.

More Customers

Sales professionals are the key to attracting and retaining lifelong customers. Without an efficient salesforce, the overall profitability of your organization suffers.

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Catapult your Commissions with Anthony

After working with Anthony, his students are reporting a significant impact in commissions. Sales professionals are seeing more income and sales leaders are seeing a higher level of profit within their organization.

1 K
Commissions earned

Annual Income before working with Anthony and implementing his coaching strategies

1 K
Commissions earned

Annual Income after working with Anthony and implementing his coaching strategies

*** Results above are from one of Anthony’s top coaching students***


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Catapulting commissions

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Complacent Sales Syndrome™

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Your sales division is divided into two groups. Who is hitting their number now? And who is not hitting their number now? The problem is that sometimes you have people who aren’t hitting their sales targets that are an asset to your organization. How do you get a rep on your team who is performing at “B” player potential to start performing like an “A” player? When is it time to cut the cord on the “C” players on your team? How do you get the most out of your “A” player? The sales team you have today isn’t going to be the same sales team you have next year. When your sales team loses their ambition to perform at maximum capacity, your revenue starts to suffer and in turn you begin to lose key players in your organization. A complacent salesforce is the underlying reason why organizations are not hitting their target numbers.

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Catapulting Commissions Strategy Pie

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Regardless of industry and tenure, every sales professional needs a process to follow to achieve maximum sales performance. By having a process in place, sales managers are in a better position to effectively coach their team to overcoming Complacent Sales Syndrome™. Without a planned approach for achieving top results, sales professionals often rely on pure talent and grit to hit company metrics. This is not a sustainable process and is even more difficult to replicate. The process we follow is executed three fundamental areas:

· Clear Mental Preparation

· Key Actionable Items

· Positive Support System

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Anthony Garcia

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Anthony Garcia is an expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement and motivating sale people to peak performance. As a 17 veteran of sales and leadership, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, business to business sales and medical device sales. As the author of Catapulting Commissions, he provides strategies to sales professionals for maximum goal execution. Anthony has delivered numerous keynotes focusing on overcoming “Complacent Sales Syndrome” and “Maximizing Goal Achievement.” Anthony is a sought-after speaker and executive coach who is passionate about unlocking the high performer lying dormant in every sales professional.