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Maximize Performance and Retention with Today’s Modern Sales Force


Top 10 Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs in 2023

The digital age has brought about a new wave of entrepreneurs who are changing the game in their respective industries. With the power of technology at their fingertips, these entrepreneurs are disrupting traditional business models while improving the way we live and work. The impact of these thought leaders is undeniable…

LA Weekly

Top 10 Up & Coming Entrepreneurs of 2023

Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes lots of grit, determination, resilience, and hard work. Although each path is unique, it helps to learn from the industry experts themselves. Through their stories, we can discover hints of what it takes to build 7 or 8-figure businesses. Presenting our list of this year’s Top 10 Up & Coming Entrepreneurs…

Disrupt Magazine

Taking your business to new heights is Anthony Garcia’s goal

Anthony Garcia is an expert in the areas of inspiring corporate executives to reach their full potential and training salespeople. His books have achieved worldwide bestseller status. Thanks to his over 20 years of business and leadership expertise, Anthony has won top awards in the categories of direct, B2B, and medical sales. Selling Power magazine chose his book “Catapulting Commissions,” which has sold millions of copies worldwide…

New Work Weekly

Take Your Business to New Heights with Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia is a specialist in the fields of sales training, recruiting, and motivating business leaders to achieve their full potential. His books have been bestsellers all over the world. Anthony has achieved top accolades in the fields of direct, B2B, and medical sales thanks to his nearly twenty years of experience in business and leadership.

LinkedIn Networking And Branding Strategies For Professionals And Brands In 2023

Despite recession fears, there are still reasons to plan and develop your LinkedIn strategies for 2023.
Economists are forecasting more layoffs and uncertainty in the job market in 2023. But as we close out the year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a stable labor market with growth potential…

Anthony Garcia accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Anthony Garcia, Founder of Anthony Garcia Inc, a consulting firm specializing in getting sales professionals to peak performance, has been accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Anthony Garcia was vetted and selected by a review committee…

Forbes Council

Anthony Garcia is an expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement and motivating salespeople to peak performance. As an 18-year veteran of sales, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, business to business sales and medical sales. In his previous roles, he has trained and developed sales teams for Cutco Cutlery and Paychex. His experiences have included managing teams of highly compensating sales professionals…

Four strategies for creating a successful sales culture – Forbes Coaches Council

Excellence doesn’t usually happen by chance. Likewise, building a strong sales culture doesn’t often happen by luck. However, I’ve noticed that many companies continue to make the same mistakes over and over again: They speak about sales culture from the podium, but the buy-in from the sales team doesn’t match the message…

An interview with Anthony Garcia, keynote speaker and best selling author of Catapulting Commissions

Anthony Garcia is an international best-selling author, expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement and motivating salespeople to peak performance. As the author of Catapulting Commissions, he provides strategies to sales professionals…

Taking control of your sales calls

Sales professionals often run into a situation where they get in front of a prospect that is a know-it-all. The prospect might be tenured. Or maybe the prospect has been in the industry longer than you have. This is the kind of prospect who will try to control or dominate the conversation on your sales call. It could be that this prospect is trying to demonstrate that they know more than you. It’s also possible that they’re just the kind of person…

14 Questions job seekers shouldn’t ask during interviews

Missteps in company protocol are expected in an interview. Job seekers don’t know what the business expects from its employees, and it’s common to see a few faux pas show up. The part of the interview where this behavior is most likely to emerge is when the interviewer asks the job seeker if they have any questions.