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Catapulting Commissions:

Achieve Your Next Sales Goal 

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About the Book

The only thing standing between you and crushing your next sales goal—is you. Your mindset, your beliefs, and your processes can either catapult you beyond your target or hold you back before you even launch.

The real difference between high performers and everyone else is they know how to focus and strategically pursue their ambitions. It’s how they break through the cycle of feast or famine to enjoy consistent checks and income.

Every salesperson has experienced the swing of the commission pendulum—going from being flush with cash to barely scrounging up enough to pay bills. In “Catapulting Commissions,” world-class sales expert Anthony Garcia leverages his two decades of sales experience and shares the 11 questions every salesperson must ask themselves to break that cycle.

Read “Catapulting Commissions” and get ready to earn returns on investing in yourself.

Throughout the book, Garcia helps readers rewire their mental approach to sales, target actionable activities, and create a support system. Whether you are just beginning your sales career or are a seasoned professional, “Catapulting Commissions” can help you get the commissions you want.

In sales, the energy you invest directly impacts the rewards you reap from it. Read “Catapulting Commissions” and get ready to earn returns on investing in yourself.

What you will learn from this book:

  • The overlooked step in setting up a plan to achieve your sales goal.
  • The unexpected key is guaranteed to get you 130% of your target sales goal.
  • Anthony discusses his top strategy that can have a lifelong impact on sales confidence. 
  • ​How to leverage your customers’ reputation to negotiate and close more sales.
  • ​Learn how to implement a smarter goal-setting process that is relevant in today’s modern selling era. 
  • How to fall in love with the daily grind and use that strategy to start increasing your commissions
  • How to effectively eliminate all sources that are causing a negative impact on your income. 
  • ​A step-by-step process that our sales coaching clients have used to take their income from 60k to over 350K.

What others are saying about Catapulting Commissions

This book will help you achieve your next goal!!!This book is not only a great sales book — it’s a book all people can benefit from. If you follow the advice Anthony outlines in this book, you will crush goals for the rest of your life!!!

Bret BarrieAmazon Reviews

Relate-able make your want to read book! This book was easily relatable which made Mr. Garcia’s experience translate to a receptive tone and an enjoyable read. So many times I find myself reading “cookie cutter-esq” sales books that are often times difficult to stick with. This book made me want to turn the page and I felt better after each chapter.

Emily LongcrierAmazon Reviews

This is a must read! I read a ton of sales and "how to earn more commissions" books and this one is by far one of the front runners. I love Anthony's real world examples from his career and his easy to follow advice makes this book a must read if you are a commission only sales person.

BegojAmazon Reviews

Best Seller! Loved this book! Couldn’t put it down and read the whole thing over the weekend.. As an entrepreneur, it has already made a huge impact on my businesses.. A must read for everyone!

Branden WareAmazon Reviews

Sales Simplified! Breaks down processes and practices that are often overlooked. The personal touches really bridge the gap between personal life and business. Recommend for both entry level and experienced sales professionals.

Cameron NazemzadehAmazon Reviews

Achieve Your Next Sales Goal!