Empowering Women in Sales: A Closer Look with Estefania Campo

In this riveting episode of Catapulting Commissions, we dive headfirst into an often-overlooked facet of the sales world – the remarkable power of women in sales. Our guest, Estefania Campo, the founder of BeYou Selling, boldly peels back the layers of this critical discussion, revealing why studies suggest women are closing more sales than their male counterparts. Get ready for an empowering exploration that showcases the unique strengths women bring to the sales table and how these can be harnessed to achieve phenomenal results.

The Power of Women in Sales

Armed with her ten years of experience in the sales industry, Estefania brings the data to life, highlighting the transformative approach women often adopt in sales. It’s time to uncover why women outperform men in closing sales and discover how you can leverage these insights for your sales success!

Shaping the Sales Industry with BeYou Selling

In the latter part of the episode, we dive into Estefania’s work with BeYou Selling. She outlines the mission and vision of her organization and how it aims to empower women in sales. She shares how BeYou Selling tailors the selling strategy to each woman, helping them find their purpose, teaching them how to ask for referrals, network effectively, and ultimately, be successful in their sales careers.

Join the Conversation

Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation that is sure to reshape your understanding of the sales landscape. Are you ready to uncover the untapped potential in women’s selling power? It’s time to take notes, embrace new insights, and catapult your commissions to the next level.