How To Use Brain Science For Business Success

Do you ever feel like no matter how much time and energy you pour into your business, success is still just out of reach? If so, it may be time to think differently. In this episode, we invited Dr. Jean Oursler, one of the country’s top business consultants, author, top-rated speaker, and world-class business performance coach. She shares with us how integrating insights from the world of neuroscience can not only make you a smarter entrepreneur but also help increase efficiency and grow your bottom line more quickly. 

By understanding the science behind our own decision-making processes, we can gain insight on how to become better business strategists and problem solvers—leading us down the road towards achieving our professional goals!

Topics discussed:

  • How your brain patterns determine your business success
  • What is the Caveman Brain Science
  • How to train your brain for business success
  • Learn the Caveman Brain Business Growth System
  • The four phases of your brain and business
  • Resources to help you use brain science to achieve success

Connect with Dr. Jean Oursler

Dr. Jean Oursler, otherwise known as the Results Queen, has a Ph.D. in business psychology and is considered one of the country’s top business consultants, a top-rated speaker, and a world-class business performance coach. She is the author of “Give up Goals and Results are Yours”. Using Innovative Brain Science, Dr. Jean is the creator of a groundbreaking business growth system called the Caveman Brain Business Growth System powered by Caveman Brain®.


Facebook: Caveman Brain

LinkedIn: Jean Oursler

YouTube: Jean Oursler

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