How to use Influencer Marketing to Grow your Business

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business or increase sales? Are you looking for a creative way to reach new customers? Look no further than Influencer Marketing. When leveraged correctly, influencer partnerships can offer incredible ROI and on top of that, these marketing tactics enable businesses to expand their reach beyond traditional advertising channels. But how do you get started? In today’s episode of Catapulting Commissions Podcast, we invited Alex Sunshine, CEO of Rising Suns Agency a boutique influencer marketing agency for DTC brands. We will cover the fundamentals of influencer marketing and how companies can successfully use it to support their business goals.


Topics discussed:

  • How to use influencer marketing to grow your business
  • Influencer marketing vs traditional marketing strategy
  • The difference between influencer and content creator
  • How to work with influencer/influencer outreach
  • How to create a successful influencer marketing strategy
  • Type of influencer that could help your business
  • Outreach, collaborations, and social strategy to help your business
  • Maximizing influencer marketing strategy in every industry
  • Resources to help you with influencer marketing

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Connect with Alex

Meet the founder of Rising Suns Agency, Alex Sunshine. He believes that INFLUENCERS HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE LIVES. They often introduce us to the very thing we are missing — sometimes, without even knowing it. I founded Rising Suns Agency in 2019 to make more of those moments happen.

RSA is here to connect you with opportunities that excite you. Whether that’s launching a campaign to become the next big brand name in your industry… or living life on your own terms, as your own boss… we start with your dreams and take a personalized approach.



LinkedIn: Alex Sunshine

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