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The Mistake That Is Hurting Your Sales Career

A career in sales is often advertised as unlimited income potential. It is one of the only professions next to professional athletes that you get paid for your performance. There are 6 and 7 figure commission sales professionals who have built an entire career around the ability to control their income. Managing these high-income professionals has led me to make a strong statement.

Sales professionals make too much money. Let me rephrase that; sales professionals spend too much money. I was recently asked,

 “If you can go back and talk to the younger version of yourself, what advice would you share?”

That seems likes a question we could all benefit from asking ourselves. But my answer to that question is the number one mistake I have made in my sales career. It’s the same mistake that sales professionals make that cause them to feel the heavy pressure of the commission pendulum. It is the same mistake that causes sales professionals to burn out.

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