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So you just landed a brand new sales job. I’m sure you’re excited. You’re pumped. You are ready to make commissionable dollars. But there is a question that remains in your mind: how do I make an immediate impact in this company? I get that one simple question DM’d to be often: How do I make an immediate impact at my new job? Well, that’s a great question. And you’re probably asking that question because you are an overachiever. You are someone who wants to achieve results at the highest level possible. And that will eventually work in your favor in a sales career. Salespeople have to want to achieve at a higher level than their peers. But there are two skills you need to have in place for a long, successful sales career. You can do these two things immediately in your new field, in your new career, to make an immediate impact, leading to great revenue and higher commissionable dollars.

The Likable New Sales Rep

The first thing you can do is to establish yourself as the likable new sales rep. That’s it. In this role, everyone knows that you’re a sales professional. They know you’re trying to sell a product, service, et cetera. You don’t have to tell people, “I’m here to sell you something.” Instead, your job is to simply be the likable new rep. Work on those people skills that salespeople often have that are often admired by others. Be affable, outgoing, approachable, organized, dependable, confident, empathetic, genuine. Likable. People often object to my belief that you need to be the likable new sales rep. They tell me it doesn’t solve a problem, it doesn’t bring revenue, and it doesn’t make commissionable dollars. But I promise, it will pay off in the end. The common mistake people make is they want to go out and they want to generate revenue right away. But that doesn’t leave time to get a full understanding or the layout of your entire organization, of your prospects, of your competitors, of your business plan. Trying to sell too soon is often met with high rejection.

Identify and Solve Problems

The second skill is probably even more important than the first skill: identify and solve problems. Solve problems, don’t sell. If you are a likable new rep, you’ve identified problems, and you have come up with solutions for these problems, selling your product, service or portfolio revenue will naturally follow. Don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to sell too soon without fully understanding the lay of the land. Solve problems. Be a likable new sales rep. Once you implement those two things within your first 30, 60, 90 days in the field, you’ll start to identify correct opportunities. You’ll start to be able to prospect and qualify correctly, and then your ability to sell, drive and generate revenue will come naturally.

To make an immediate impact in a new job you have to be the likable new sales rep and you have to identify and solve problems. Once you do those two things together effectively, generating revenue will follow. If for whatever reason you need help implementing your first 30, 60, 90 days in your new territory, reach out to me so I can help you.

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