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One of the biggest problems coming around the corner is setting and achieving your next sales goal. The truth is, one out of 10 new year’s resolutions is ever accomplished. The truth is, salespeople miss more goals than they set. The truth is, 2021 is going to have some adversity still. The challenges don’t magically disappear because we’re flipping the calendar from 2020 to 2021. So, how do you put yourself in a position to ensure that you are going to have the best chance at succeeding at your sales goals?

Plan Early

One of the biggest things about ensuring that you’re prepared for 2021 sales goal is early planning. If you’re not early planning and by the time this blog airs you should already have a rough draft or a rough idea of what your 2021 sales goals are. They could be related to metrics. How many customers do you want to bring on board? It could be related to revenue. How much revenue do you want to generate? One of my favorites is income. What is your income goal for 2021? You should already know the answers to these questions. So I say, start early, but we’re in December. It’s not too late to pivot and change. But you have to do so literally right now. Take a few moments and write down your goals. And as you write down those goals, ask yourself, why they are important to you. “Catapulting Commissions” started with the fundamental principle of teaching people how to achieve their next sales goal. And one of those principles is to act early.  Everyone has a tendency to procrastinate at times. But y message right now is this write down what your 2021 sales goals are. Then reverse engineer it, meaning, how much do you have to accomplish in every month, every week, every day, every hour to hit that 2021 income goal. By planning early you allow yourself to get mentally prepared for the challenges that are going to come with it.

Build a Support System

The second thing you can do to ensure you’re in a better position to achieve your 2021 sales goal is build a support system. In “Catapulting Commissions” I call this the circle of influence. Who is influencing you? Who is going to be in your corner? Who is going to hold you accountable to what you said you’re going to do? Writing down the goals is really the easy part. It’s easy to write a goal. It’s easy to get motivated. It’s difficult to execute on that goal when you’re hit with adversity. You have to have a circle of influence, of people who are going to hold you accountable, press you, open up your limiting beliefs that we typically all carry. You have them. I have them. I’m not immune to this. I’m going to my 20th year. I promise you, there are still goals that I try to accomplish that I question, am I worthy? Can I make this happen? And having a strong circle of influence has helped me get past those limiting beliefs. So use this as an invitation to remember you don’t need to be with the popular kids. You need to be with the productive kids. You don’t need to be with the popular team. You need to be with the wealthy team. Eliminate the dead weight in your life. Those distractions are going to prevent you from accomplishing your goal in 2021. Those distractions come from horrible relationships either with the person or with the bad habit, food, lack of exercise, negativity. All of these relationships with negative outside influences can have an impact on your 2021 sales goal.

Reach Out

Having these two things in place doesn’t mean the problem of hitting your goals is automatically going to go away. It’s easy to have a strong start. It’s hard to have a strong middle. And to get the solution to that, I’m a huge fan of picking one person. It could be an accountability buddy or professional coach. If you need help planning your goal or you need help finding the accountability, shoot me a text message, say, hello. You can reach me at (661) 228-8967. You will get connected directly to the “Catapulting Commissions” community. And I’ll be that accountability buddy for you. I offer my tech services free of charge.

Additionally, on December 21st, 2020, we are hosting a six-week mini series, “Catapulting Commissions Achieve Your Next Sales Goal Webinar.” This is the same workshop that companies and coaches have paid thousands of dollars to attend. And I’m going to offer it over six weeks, free of charge. The benefit to you is if you register, you get all the recordings. And if you register, you get a copy of “Catapulting Commissions” free. To do that, simply shoot a text message to 661-228-8967. Put the word ‘webinar’ in and you’ll automatically get the link to register for the webinar.

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