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Set yourself up for success on social media

Selling your product on social media is incredibly important in a post-COVID world. How many times have we heard this? Create a post. Put a story out. Record a video. Yet sales reps struggle to create content to sell their product or service on social media. A lot of brands out there make it look easy. There’s large professional brands, personal brands, churning out content. They post a picture, or a reel on Instagram, a LinkedIn story, and they get a massive following. Products fly off the shelves. Or so that’s what it seems. These massive brands and personalities make it look easy, but for the average sales person, it doesn’t come as easily. You don’t just get there overnight.   

Consistency is Key

One of the challenges that sales reps have is that they lack consistency. Social media can give you instant gratification. You can post a picture, you can get likes, and you feel good about it. When you’re trying to sell a product or service and you don’t get those likes and share, it can be de-motivating, making you less likely to want to spend time on creating content. And if you’re inconsistent in your strategy of posting and making offerings, then you’re not going to have a consistent generation of new leads, you’re not going to have a consistent generation of new customers, and you’re not going to have a consistent generation of new income. Consistency is the key when trying to sell your product or service on social media. One post or story is not going to generate revenue. Everyone wants to talk to ask me if I run paid ads. That’s not the answer either because paying for an ad without a clear strategy is just a waste of money. Instead, commit to a schedule on how you’re going to use social media for your company, for your product. There’s data out there to suggest once post a day is optimal for smaller brands, two times max. You have to choose what will work best for you and your product and your company.

There’s more to the story

Developing a consistent posting strategy is just the beginning. You have to remember a few things. Selling on social media is similar to selling in person. In marketing, it is known as the Rule of 7. Essentially, someone would have to see a traditional marketing piece— a commercial, infomercial, radio, billboard, etc— seven times before they would reach out to make a call. In sales, we say you’ll have to ask a prospect to do business with you six to eight times before you get a yes. They’re going to tell you no before they say yes. All those statistics still apply in selling on social media. You are going to want to remain consistent. Remember, just one post isn’t going to get you there.

Sell to one person

People get frustrated when they’re putting all this time into social media and the sales aren’t coming. The number one mistake people make is that they’re posting to sell to the masses. They’re trying to make a product or offering that applies to everyone. When you create social media posts that sell to everyone, you’re essentially selling to no one. Create your social media posts so that you are speaking to only one person. That’s it. I want to sell my product or service simply to one person. This one person is my client avatar. My client avatar is who I’m going to speak to every week, every post, every article. Whatever I’m putting on social media, I’m writing to this one person. In doing this, it naturally creates a niche of potential customers that are going to see my product, service, or offering. When you see massive personal brands or professional brands that seem to be posting to the masses, go back and look at what their posts looked like when they were first starting out. With almost a certainty, I would say that every one of them had a personal niche that they were speaking to at the beginning of their business. As you gain credibility, you can sell to the masses. But if social media is a tool to sell your product, service, or offering, remember this. Speak only to one person.

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