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A simple (but dangerous) equation

Sales slumps happen. Bad business happens. Jerks in business happen. There is negativity all around you, and if you’re a sales professional or a sales-prenuer, this is not news to you. We can’t control that there will be negativity around us. What matters is how we handle it. How we handle the inevitable negative things in our environment will directly impact our results.

If we allow the negativity around us to live in our brain, it will become a part of us. When we look at negativity and feed in into it, it comes out in the comments you make. It comes out in negative self talk and negativity about your job. It sounds like this: “Man, quota is tough this year.” or “Ugh, my pipeline is empty.” Or “Dude, I can’t believe our comp plan works this way.” “Our product is too expensive.” “Our marketing campaigns suck.”

If any of that sounds familiar, you have a problem. Those constant negative thoughts quickly become your reality. When we take in the negative energy around us and feed into it, it will create negative results in your business. And that leads to negative income. Of course not everything is always perfect. You are going to face challenges and find yourself feeling negative at times. But you can’t let it take over. Instead, the next time you face negativity, you have to find positivity. Ask yourself “How can I address this negative fact and find positivity? How can I prevent this negative thought from impacting other areas of my life?”

It’s important to figure out where the negativity comes from. As a sales leader, this responsibility falls on you. We have to be careful to not be the source of negativity for our team. Don’t make backhanded comments. Avoid sarcasm. Don’t make jokes a the expense of the company, or your marketing partners, or the training program you’re using.

The solution is simple though. If negative thoughts can become your reality, so can positive thoughts. Positive thoughts will create positivity in our life. Of course you need more than positive thoughts. There is a skillset involved to be a successful sales professional. There is a skillset involved to be a successful leader. There is a skillset involved to catapult your commissions. But there is a simple foundation to all of that, and it is positivity. If you are having trouble with that, surround yourself with positivity. Find professionals who are positive. Make friends with positive people. Those around you will influence you either to be negative or positive. And if you ask me, positive friends, with positive money in bank account, is better than the opposite: negative friends, negative bank account. It’s a simple, reliable equation.

Do me a favor, comment below. How are you keeping yourself in a positive environment? If you need help with that shoot me a DM, reach out to someone on my team. I’ll be more than happy to talk with you.

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