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We’ll be back with even more great content

21 days.

21 days is what I’ve committed to taking my time off from social media. Since launching the Catapulting Commissions brand, for nearly 20 months in a row, we’ve done a weekly podcast, a weekly blog, and probably 12-14 social media posts a week. In doing so, we’ve fallen in to a repetitive pattern. So we really wanted to take a step back. I’ve been working with my team to ask ourselves ‘how do we re-engage our community with fresh new content that really gives value?’

So we’ve decided to take some time away to plan to come back with some really great stuff. We’ve delayed some podcast postings, we’re brainstorming fresh new topics, and we’re excited to get going again in a few weeks.

None of this means the blog is ending or the podcast is over. Far from it. We’re going to continue to grow, and we have some exciting stuff coming.

Catapulting Commissions Sales Agency

The Catapulting Commissions Sales Agency is on the ground and it’s running. I have a great team in place and we’ve developed our first service offering. You’ll start to see information on that. I can’t wait to starting blogging about it. I can’t wait to talk about it on the podcast. The whole premise of this venture has been about putting money into your pockets. And so the product we’ve created is really about putting money in the pocket of sales professionals and in the pocket of investors.

Give us a follow

We’ve been quiet on social media for a bit, and we will continue to be for a while longer. But in the meantime, give us a follow on Instagram. That’s where we share all our best info, and we are going to truly build that up to be a podcast-driven space. You’ll see highlights and learn more about our guests and topics.

Opportunity for training

I’m actually really excited for this. In building the sales agency, we are building an outsourced sales team. The timing is not right today, but in the near future, you’ll find an opportunity to get trained to be in the digital selling industry. The need is great for experienced sales professionals to be able to close deals for various e-commerce companies. I can assure you the team that we have in place is going to blow your mind. Tons of content will be coming out about this space.

I couldn’t be more excited for the growth that the branding company is taking. Thanks for following. Thanks for subscribing. Do me a favor. Comment below. If there’s anything you want me to talk about over the next year, please mention below.

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