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Have an attitude of gratitude every day

Welcome to Thanksgiving week. This holiday is one of my favorites. I like to look back on the year and think of the things and people I’m most grateful for. It also reminds me to have an attitude of gratitude. Now, with all honesty, talking about being grateful sounds very Hallmark-ish, right? I’ve even talked about the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. But it’s not always easy because working in sales is emotional. There’s ups and downs. There are good days and bad. You have forward momentum and backward momentum. It’s not always easy to focus on gratitude in this business. But for sales professionals, gratitude is essential.  Having an attitude of gratitude really allows you to be people focused, which is a requirement in this industry. 

Gratitude eliminates toxicity

One of the benefits of expressing gratitude is you disconnect from toxicity. Look, no one is immune to toxic thinking. Every person can have toxic, negative thoughts. This can happen when you’re missing quota, or you’re not making sales, or your business is struggling, or your finances aren’t where you want them to be. If you’ve had a string of bad luck, toxic thoughts can start to seep in. When you have an attitude focused on gratitude, you completely eliminate that toxicity that takes place.

Gratitude puts life into perspective

Gratitude shifts your focus from what you think is important to what is actually important. It puts life into perspective. Things might be going poorly in your career, but when you have an attitude of gratitude, you can refocus your thinking on something positive. It will be different for everyone, but for me, I remind myself that I am a husband and a father. I have a wife and kids whom I love and who love me. No matter what my income says, I have that going for me. When you take a shift and you look at things from the perspective of being grateful for what you do have, you realize some of those things that you’re focusing on aren’t actually as important as you thought.

Gratitude helps you refocus

Gratitude also helps us reengage and refocus on our business goals. When you have a setback, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. But when you take a step back and allow yourself to be grateful for how far you’ve come, you allow yourself to move forward with momentum. You will have new energy towards achieving your goals.

Here’s a simple way to express gratitude. Every day this week, write three things you’re grateful on that day. You don’t even necessarily have to express it to anyone in that moment (though it never hurts to do so). Just the exercise will help you have an attitude of gratitude.

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