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A quick guide on how to set up link-in-bio for sales professionals and get the most out of this powerful social media link using the best tools

Using the link in your bio can help you generate sales online. You are about to discover the two main players in setting up link-in-bio online: Link Tree and Beacons AI. I’ll share my experience with you on one of these platforms, and I’ll also talk about how easy it was for me to get an incredible link up within 24 hours using only five minutes worth of work!


Linktree offers a traditional method of linking in bio. It allows you to put tabs on your social accounts like YouTube, Pinterest, PayPal, Square, etc. You can even create a different profile, share PDF files, and color customization–a couple of features that are fairly standard among companies that create links in bios.

Link Tree pricing starts at $5 a month, then works its way up to $25 a month depending on the bells and whistles. And they also have a free version. That entire process was great several years ago.

The main reason I am not a fan of Linktree is that for me to get it as customized as I wanted to, it was a higher service. It is also optimized for the Linktree website. This means everything is branding Linktree. And if I’m building a brand, I want to be branded everywhere. I don’t want my brand to be a branding link tree.

And so when I realized this, I started looking at different options to reroute my link tree URL to another URL and have it set up that way. But that’s a lot of work. I wanted to create something simple and different and that’s when I was recently introduced to Beacon’s AI.

Beacon’s AI

When you’re looking for a tool that can do as much customization and development on your own time, it’s hard to beat the options of Beacon’s AI. You get more features at lower prices with their free version than what Linktree offers in its paid plans. The amount of customizability available within certain aspects of this product makes them stand apart from other competitors’ products significantly; especially considering how expensive some software programs may become after purchase.

It offers a link directly to my most recent YouTube video, a thumbnail image of my podcast, a link to my blog, and a download button for my book, Catapulting Commissions. You can also book your call to one of my affiliate links and subscribe to my newsletter, while all of this remains on brand.

In terms of adding additional things, I can just add a block. And then I can have music playing, a preview of my recent tweet, a connect or shop with me button, donate money link, and an SMS list builder.

There are a lot of different things that I can do here in the free version of Beacon’s AI. Now, if you’re a busy sales professional, this looks like a lot of coding work. And trust me, you can get it done in less than 30 or 45 minutes (if this is foreign to you.)

Here’s another secret hack. I found a vendor on Fiverr. I put a link to that vendor in the description below, and for $35, she had it up and running in 24 hours. And it took me less than five minutes to explain exactly what I want, provide her with the pictures, and it was up and running. I highly recommend you do that so that we can go focus back on revenue-generating activities.

What you get

I’m part of the entrepreneur plan, so I upgraded to a paid membership. The free version has nearly every customization. However, when I upgrade it and move to that paid version, as you can see, I’m only paying $10 a month. That’s $120 for the year. And I get super incredible features like a custom domain.

You can also have your Facebook pixels and analytics. But the other thing that was jazzy to me is the YouTube video that automatically updates when you upload new ones on your channel. So when you click on the custom domain link, it pops right open.

Another is you can have the cookies notification and tell you what’s happening. You can see all the tracking stuff and know who’s coming to visit your site, and if you want to retarget them for later in your ads or pay-for-click campaign. Linktree does it as well, but if you want more on-branding, Beacons AI is the better option.

Beacons AI also helps you automate your social media, and optimize your website for mobile devices while it’s branded with your logo.

This is all done with the Beacons AI paid program which is $10 a month. Now here’s the kicker, if you want to try out Beacon’s AI, they will give you the custom domain for the first year for free. So not only was I able to get all the upgraded features, but I was able to get the custom domain for one year for free. And on top of all of this, it’s pretty jazzy on my website.

When you check my Instagram page, you would see the customized link “”  that is ready to go. The idea is to give yourself the credibility that you put some thought behind this and you created a custom link with content and material that is just for your audience. More importantly, if you are trying to generate sales with the Link in Bio, you want to know who’s visiting you.

Why it matters as a sales professional

So now you have a custom URL, you have the tracking in place, you are going to see the people who come visit your link, set the analytics on it, set the pixel as in-depth or as little data that you want including what links they click, or how long they spent time on your link. All of that information is revealed to you later. So as a busy sales professional. I highly recommend Beacon’s AI over Link Tree. It’s $10 a month, $120 for the year.

Selling on social media is a skill. Not everybody just comes out and sells and sells right away. It’s a skill of cultivating, nurturing, and developing your audience. One of the key things that you can do is truly create a customized look for them to know that you care. And that you took some time to present a wonderful product and a valuable offering by having a custom domain for your link. That’s what did it for me.

Try it out

You get the link for the custom domain for free for one year. And here’s the kicker if you want to try it out, there’s a link down in the description below to sign up for Beacon’s AI. We give you a $20 credit for the first year, so no harm, no foul. You can also sign up for the free option and see all the free things they have. And cut your subscription to link to today.

If you need more help learning how to generate sales, the link in your Bio, go ahead and click the link below. The Catapulting Commissions Academy is open right now. We have that link for you to learn more about that and how we’re helping sales professionals generate sales at a higher pace.

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