In this episode, I share some of the lessons I’ve made from my mistakes in podcasting and in the sales business. Tune in so you can start your business on the right foot and avoid making the same mistakes. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business, don’t miss this episode!

You will also learn:

  • How often should you pivot in your business?
  • Are you paying enough attention to your cash flow?
  • How to track your finances
  • Do NOT ignore this in your business
  • How to take care of your health as an entrepreneur
  • How to have a support system in business
  • Resources to help you in your business and podcast journey

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Going forward

Challenges are a part of the entrepreneurial journey, but you don’t need to go at it alone; reach out and connect with me through my website AnthonyPgarcia.com where there are lots of resources available – I’m excited to hear what’s going on in your business so let’s book a call today!

Thank you

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