Startup 101: How to Start a Successful Business

Do you have an idea for a business and have no idea where to start? Starting a business is always intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and resources, building a successful company from scratch can be easier than expected. We invited Stephen Scoggins, a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur, to explore the basics of starting a business – from preparing yourself emotionally and financially to set up key processes for organizational growth. Hop on to today’s episode of Catapulting Commissions Podcast and discover tips on how to develop your startup into a business success!

Topics discussed:

  • How to run a successful business
  • Overcoming the fear of not being “ready”
  • Business phases: where you are as a startup
  • Why mentorship is a must
  • How to maintain a work-life balance
  • Tips to increase focus and remove distractions
  • Why you should manage your emotions
  • How to outsource leverage points
  • The key to building a business that will last

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Connect with Stephen

Stephen Scoggins is an award-winning successful serial multi-million-dollar entrepreneur of multiple businesses, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, host of the hit podcast “Unstoppable,” and the creator of Unstoppable Solutions, offering hope, encouragement, and empowering education to aspiring leaders and early-stage entrepreneurs in any area of their life and business.

Scotland’s International is a media production and event-hosting organization that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through the Unstoppable Startup program, they provide guidance to avoid common pitfalls of entrepreneurship while doubling or tripling business value within 12 months.



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