Video Marketing Tips: How to Use Video to Increase Sales

No matter what type of business you’re in, video content has become an essential tool to increase sales and engage customers. From short how-to clips on social media to longer explainers on your website, video has become the preferred choice when it comes to communicating with prospects and customers. But creating effective videos isn’t always easy (especially if you are camera-shy!) 

In today’s Catapulting Commissions Podcast episode, we invited Ruben Dua, CEO of Dubb, a popular video series platform that helps businesses 30x their sales. He shares with us how we can create videos that can help businesses to create more opportunities to increase sales! Tune in to explore some of the top tips for leveraging video marketing to build awareness and drive conversions!


Topics discussed:

  • Why salespeople should do video marketing
  • Reasons to use video in your sales process
  • Overcoming fear of camera
  • Industries that should leverage sales with video right now
  • Data on how video marketing boost sales
  • How to create video content and increase sales with video
  • Creative ways to start your video marketing for sales
  • Other ways you can use video to increase your sales and conversion
  • Resources to help you boost sales video

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Connect with Ruben Dua

Ruben Dua is the co-founder and CEO of Dubb, a popular video series platform that helps businesses 30x their sales. They’ve worked with over 65,000 businesses, including well-known organizations like Keller Williams, Grant Cardone, Fannie Mae, and eXp Realty, whose sales team used the platform to produce personalized video messages that boost connections, conversions, and revenue. Ruben Dewey has over 20 years of marketing experience and is also the author of Click Record, How Overcoming Fear, Storytelling, and Video Marketing Can Change Your Life, which was an Amazon best new release book in the direct marketing entrepreneurship categories.


Linkedin: Ruben Dua

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