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Don’t allow adversity to prevent you from achieving your next sales goal

I remember the very first time I heard the phrase Sudden Change. I was in college playing football. Coach yelled, “sudden change!” And all of a sudden, everybody had to switch what we were doing, and deal with the adversity of a game-like scenario. Little did I know doing this many years ago in college, I was actually training my brain to deal with the sudden change that would take place in life. The truth is adversity is going to happen. It’s not a question of if, but more a question of when. If we aren’t prepared to handle adversity when it comes, it typically is going to derail any chance you have of achieving your next goal, succeeding at your task at hand, or building anything sustainable.

Adversity is going to happen, and if you aren’t prepared, it will blindside you.  Many times, when people get hit with a harsh reality of adversity, they do one of two things. They either quit or they persevere. Which one are you going to be? The average person’s going to quit and they’re going to have a story of how adversity threw them off. It prevented them from succeeding.

In order to improve our chance of succeeding in the face of unforeseen challenges.  You have to plan and account for adversity in your sales goal. You have to plan and account for adversity in your regular goal. You have to plan and account for adversity in your daily life.

To learn more about the rest of planning for adversity, be sure to click on the video link for a 5-minute video from Anthony.

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