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As you start to visit your prospects, after you’ve already delivered your initial offering or proposal, inevitably you’ll meet prospects who haven’t made a decision. This typically comes in the way of, “Let me think about it. I’m not ready to make a decision today.” Whatever the exact wording is, it means the salesperson leaves that meeting in a state of confusion. And that’s when we start asking the question, ‘How often can I follow up with the customer before it becomes annoying?’ To be an effective salesperson, you need an effective followup strategy. Adequate follow-up is going to help close your deal. Grant Cardone once said, if you follow up with somebody 100 times, they’re eventually going to say yes. And I think he’s right, but I think that needs a little more context.

Follow up with additional value 

If you’re providing value, you can follow up with a prospect as many times as you need to. Yes, you read that right. You can follow up with your prospect as many times as you need to, but only if you are giving a additional value on every additional contact. Here’s the deal though. You have to have an extensive sales playbook and extensive product and industry knowledge to pull this off. You really have to dig deep into all your toolboxes to make this happen.

How to add value 

Go lateral with your existing offer: whatever you sell, you need to have a solid list of complementary products or services available to you. This gives you the opportunity to add that to your possible conversation topics on your follow up calls. Think about how you can complement your original offer.  How can that add value for your undecided client?

Talk about market dynamics: I can’t help but think of real estate. I’ve had a real estate loan officer that I’ve worked with for years and she’s really good about sharing additional value as trends and markets change. I may be in the market, I may not be in the market, but she is really good about giving me that additional value. So I ask you, in your sales career and your sales profession, what additional value can you consistently give to your customers? If you need help structuring that additional value, fell free to reach out to me.

Consider the questions: Here’s a simple strategy. What are the top 10 questions that your customers will ask you? To develop that list, think about the last time you didn’t close a deal. Write out the top 10 questions or concerns you got in that no. Write them out and answer them. Write them out and answer them in different ways— a text, a video, email, phone call. As you answer those questions, you have just created new content and additional ways to deliver value.

Work with me: Very rarely do I offer what I’m about to say right now, but if you want to take advantage of working with me, go ahead and schedule a free call . If you’re interested in working with me at an individual level, this is for a limited time. Feel free to reach out and get connected working with me— one-on-one.

Tonight at 5:00 PM (PST), I am also hosting a live sales training. I’ve never done this before and I don’t know if I’m going to do it again, but I love sharing value with my audience. I’ll talk about the psychological reason why your prospects will say yes. Once you understand why people say yes, you can definitely tailor your sales approach. I would love to have you there, but if you can’t make it, register for it anyway, and I’ll give you the recording AND a free copy of my Catapulting Commissions book.

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