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The salesforce in numbers

According to Forbes, 55% of all salespeople are ill-equipped to do their job, while 97% of all salespeople are viewed as pushy. Then 60% of salespeople say they’re concerned they will not hit their quota next year.  So if all these statistics are starting to emerge in this industry, it’s time we take a look at this industry for what it is: a high-income skill set that needs to be refined and fine-tuned.

If you participate in a sales training program you have a 28% chance of increased output, increased productivity, and increased revenue. If you apply that training program to an active coaching program, that number goes from 28% to 88%. So why wouldn’t you want to combine the best of both worlds?

And the problem is, that only one in five sales professionals utilizes customized sales coaching. When the truth is that sales coaching is the difference between achieving your income goals and not achieving your income goals.

What can sales coaching do for you

You must have heard and searched for the term sales coaching but you might be wondering what you need a sales coach for. So I’m listing down the four ways sales coaching can give your business a near 100% chance of improvement in achieving your goals this year. Because sales coaching can help you achieve your income goals, but only if you use it!

1. Sales coaching can provide accountability beyond spreadsheets.

A good sales coaching program can provide you with a system of accountability to help develop your skills. And this isn’t just the numbers you look at in your spreadsheets. This could involve someone observing your sales calls, roleplaying scenarios with an expert, or reviewing email copy. The accountability you get from someone who is focused on the craft rather than the business side of things is what makes a difference between coaching and management.

2. You can follow an effective sales methodology

There are numerous methodologies of selling. And a sales coaching program will help you follow your preferred and most suitable sales methodology for you. A system that works best for your business will be decided and followed. Salespeople who pick one sales methodology and follow that sales methodology experience a consistent win rate near 56%.

A great sales coach will be an expert in various different methodologies and help you understand the pros and cons of each one. So when you get with a sales coach, ensure you have the conversation about what sales methodology works best for you and what sales methodology are you most comfortable with.

3. Sales coaches improve only what they measure

Sales professionals can use analytics to improve their performance by looking at data points such as closing percentage, show percentage, and no-show percentage. A sales coach will look for ways to improve your skills in areas such as prospecting, negotiating, discovery calls, objections handling, etc.

You not only get you to get an accountability system, but you also have a group of peers that are consistently focusing on improving a certain portion of their craft. A sales coach will customize and tailor to fit the specific skill set you want to improve.

Now, there are group coaching programs that run different programs throughout the year. Be sure to get involved with the program that is most applicable to your business.

4. You will have a community

If you get into a good sales coaching program, you will get access to a community of sales professionals, business owners, and job opportunities. Right now there are 2 million jobs open in the US.

Sales coaches can help you find high-income, commission-only, and high-salary job opportunities. They know how to connect you with the right people so that you can grow your skill set of sales and increase your income. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals who want to improve their skill sets is beneficial for anyone looking to grow in their career.

Everyone has a system they use to maximize their performance – whether it’s professional business skills, athletic ability, or healthy eating habits. And in almost every case, having a coach helps improve results significantly. With a coach by your side, you’ll gain more clarity and growth in all areas of your life.

What a sales coaching program can’t do for you

A sales coaching program can’t do your job for you. A sales coaching program cannot take your place in the sales process or appointment. Instead, they will be your coach to help you improve in many areas of your professional development.

Have you found sales coaches you like? Have you found something you’ve disliked? What makes a good or bad coach? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback.

If you have any questions about wanting to get involved in a sales coaching program or wanting to improve your sales in any capacity, I invite you to check me out at the Catapulting Commission Sales Academy. I’d love to see you there. I love to chat with you.

Going further

You know that you need to improve your sales process in order to increase your business revenue, but you don’t know where to start.

And most businesses struggle with their sales process because they don’t have a structured plan or the right coaching. Without these things, it’s difficult to make consistent progress and see real results.

Catapulting Commissions Academy is a sales coaching program that will help you structure your sales process, take actionable steps, and provide the support you need to succeed. Our program has consistently helped business owners increase their revenue!

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