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Objections in your sales process are a good thing. It’s a natural part of our sales career. When you hear an objection from a prospect, it increases the likelihood that you can get a sale without dealing with buyer’s remorse. It’s simply feedback requesting more information.

I’m not here to say one sales philosophy or methodology is better than the other, but I am here to tell you the number one technique on how to handle objections that have been tried, tested, and true. It works nearly every time and has helped teams that I manage to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

The 3 F’s principle: Feel, Felt, Found

This principle is a traditional objection-handling technique that hasn’t been modified and has been around for years. 

This is based on the phenomenon that no prospect wants to feel like they’re the only person who gave that objection. If your prospect is the only person that’s ever had this objection and they are made aware of this, the likelihood of you getting a sale is slim to none. So in order to fix this issue, we use the principle of feel, felt, and found. We use these words to help establish a level of credibility and trust because that’s how we’re going to empathize with our prospect. 

The process:

Prospect: Your product is great, but it’s a little too expensive for what I’m looking to spend today.

First thing, we drop the feel. We acknowledge and say, “Me. Prospect, I understand how you feel. I get it.”

Once you have empathized with your prospect, you establish credibility by letting them know that they’re not alone in their objection.

“Mr. Prospect, I understand how you feel. Last week, I met with a customer and they felt the same way. 

We found that we could break up their purchase into multiple payments of non-interest, meaning, they sent the same amount if they would pay me in cash that day, and we split it up over six months. They were able to get the product in their hand right away. And they were happy that they had this product coming into the holiday season!”

Another example:

“Mr. Prospect, I understand how you feel. I had someone else who felt this, and this is what we found. You can make the supply for anything in your business. As a matter of fact, I just taught this last week in a sales master class, and I told the group everybody made sales remotely. They were all in front of Zoom when making their sales call. “

So every time you hear an objection, just execute: feel, felt, found. You could even test it out in a non-sales process, like in a relationship.  Someone close to you may have an objection to not wanting to go to dinner. You could say, “Hey, I understand how you feel. At times, I felt like I didn’t want to go to places that you wanted to go to for dinner. But what I found is that I actually enjoy the quality time we spend together.”

Feel felt found. Try it on your next sales call. Try it the next time somebody disagrees with you. And let me know your thoughts. 

This method is one of the oldest traditional objection-handling philosophies out there. And the reason it works is it establishes empathy and credibility at the same time.

So try these three F’s on your next sales call or anytime somebody disagrees with you. And let me know your thoughts!

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