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Are you and your sales team ready to turn prospects into customers and win every sales call? If so, it’s time to focus on improving your sales discovery questions and gathering the information you need to get that job done. During a successful sales call, asking the right questions is key. With this in mind, let’s look at three questions to ask to get the information that should be extracted during the process. Not only will these best sales tips help you better engage with potential buyers but they will also give you an edge over your competition and simplify the sales process while opening up new opportunities—all after just one successful call!

Sales question #1: Is the problem your prospect is experiencing in relation to the service or product you offer?

Many of us make the mistake of assuming we know what our prospects are facing without truly listening or understanding them first- leading to an absence of buy-in from the customer.

Making successful sales requires more than just knowing your product inside and out – it also means having empathy for those you’re selling to! To ensure that potential customers get on board with whatever solution you offer, ask the right questions and take time beforehand to really listen and comprehend their unique needs in relation to your service or product. That way when it comes down to explaining why they should purchase something from you, everyone will be working towards finding a mutually beneficial resolution together.

It is essential to uncover the pain points that prospective customers are facing in order to provide a tailored and effective solution. Rather than presenting them with pre-set solutions, it’s best practice for salespeople or customer service representatives to ask your prospects questions about their experience and extract information from the conversation itself. This way it will be easier to find out exactly what kind of support they need. Here’s an example of a question to ask in a sales call:

Prospect: when I use the Sony camera, my battery life doesn’t really last that long. (The problem)

Salesperson: Mr. Prospect, you’re telling me the battery life of your Sony is kind of a challenge for your business. Tell me about the areas that impact you. How does that impact you?

Sales question #2: What is the prospect’s budget to solve this issue?

In other words, how much are you willing to spend to solve your problem? You can extract this information by conversing with customers tactfully. To do this, your first sales question must understand the pain points they’re facing and help them acknowledge it. Then ask a qualifying question to know if they have a proposed plan of action and the budget they are willing to spend to fix the issue. By implementing that plan and getting them to acknowledge the budget, you create an opportunity where customers can begin taking steps toward making a purchase.

Sales question #3: What is the prospect’s timeline for solving this problem?

As a salesperson, it’s important to understand the urgency of solving problems for prospects. In order to gain this understanding and ensure success in closing deals, ask questions that help identify how quickly they need an issue resolved. Doing so gives valuable insight into what journey needs to be taken in order for them to solve their pain points.

If someone wants to solve the problem immediately and you have an immediate solution, you know you’re in business. However, if you ask this question to a prospect with a longer timeline: “what that journey looks like?” and they mention that they are asking several people or looking for other options, then you know the game you’re in. So be sure to extract this information so you know your next move in the sales process.

So no more worrying about sales calls and open-ended questions! If you remember the sales qualifying questions to extract three key pieces of information: problem, budget, and urgency, plus a good human connection in your conversations, then you can ensure success in any sales call.

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