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OpenAI Chat GPT is a powerful tool for businesses and sales professionals to leverage in order to drive revenue. With the right strategies, this technology can be invaluable. However, there are certain tasks that OpenAI should NOT be used for. Hop into our video blog last week about five ways to use ChatGPT for your business. Check it out so you don’t miss out on all of the potential benefits of AI ChatGPT– so we can discuss what NOT to use it for!

1. Chat GPT should not be used for automated cold calling and messaging

Chat GPT is a great tool for providing templates, but it should not replace human interaction when it comes to cold calling and messaging. Artificial intelligence can make certain tasks easier, however, the skill of outbounding cannot be given over entirely to automated technology like Chat GPT. Instead, use this tech as an aid for your employees in order to get better results – don’t leave generative AI alone with prospecting activities!

2. Do not just take the templated, descriptions of your services and plaster them on your website/ marketing brochures or use them to exaggerate what it is that you do.

Chat GPT is a great tool to help you prompt beautiful descriptions and explanations of the services your business offers. However, it’s important not to use this technology in an incorrect or exaggerated way as it could potentially lead to negative impacts on both yourself and your community. If used inappropriately to exaggerate what you do, it’s no different than having a salesperson who lies or misrepresents your company or your services. So be sure that what you are presenting accurately reflects who you are and what services your company provides!

3. Do not neglect your sales leads when you use ChatGPT

Chat GPT and AI in general have many great tools to help with the initial customer interaction, but it’s still necessary for humans to follow up on potential leads. In other words, don’t let OpenAI take over all of your sales processes – OpenAI makes life easier, but don’t allow it to forget the basic fundamentals of simply following up with your potential customers.

4. Don’t ignore customer feedback and leave it to AI

Chat GPT can be a great tool to engage with customers, but it’s important not to ignore their feedback. This customer feedback is an invaluable source of information that can help refine the AI system and create better responses for future conversations, so don’t miss out on this powerful resource! Use the tool chat GPT to facilitate the discussion. But don’t use Chat GPT as a tool for a blanket answer in a query. There is feedback coming in and a person with eyes and emotion that’s invested in the business should review that feedback. Because that feedback can help create a better AI system for your company.

5. Don’t let AI replace human interaction

AI tools like Chat GPT is a powerful tools for businesses, but it should not be seen as a substitute for human interaction. AI-driven automation and systems are valuable, but humans must oversee the input of machine learning. And stay involved in the process to ensure everything runs smoothly – business owners need to remain engaged with their customers on an emotional level. And in order for these AI tools to be used properly, a human has to know how to utilize it. So don’t assume Chat GPT can substitute you for being the business owner and sales professional!

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