Corporate Rehab: How To Ditch The Hustle Culture And Thrive

Are you spending your days hustling to keep up with the endless stream of meetings, emails, and customer demands? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed as deadlines approach? You’re not alone – many corporate employees are finding it hard to keep their heads above water in today’s fast-paced work environment. But burnout can result from this ‘hustle culture’ mentality and before long, everything starts to feel overwhelming. So how can we break free from the grind of hustle culture and start thriving again in our roles at work?

In today’s episode, we invite Jennie Blumenthal, author of Corporate Rehab, to share insightful tips for breaking out of the hustle trap and creating a healthier balance between ambition and personal well-being – something that every leader should prioritize!

Topics discussed:

  • Thinking of the future and the life you want
  • How to create a plan when you pivot
  • What is the REHAB approach?
  • How to thrive after ditching hustle culture
  • Finding and using your own voice
  • How to get rid of limiting beliefs
  • Resources to help you get rid of hustle culture and thrive

Connect with Jennie Blumenthal

Jenny Blumenthal is a 20-year veteran of Fortune 500 companies and author of Corporate Rehab: Ditch the Hustle Culture and Thrive Again, she is on a mission to help executive women reinvent their corporate careers. After leaving her own successful career during the pandemic pivot last year, she now coaches other ambitious business professionals in navigating growth strategies while transforming digital landscapes. Her inspiring message encourages individuals to reclaim control over their lives by unlocking true potential – it’s time for you to do your own corporate rehab!


LinkedIn: Jennie Blumenthal

Instagram: @corporaterehab

Tiktok: @corporaterehab

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