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Being Mentally Tough in Sales

Have you ever heard? “Hey, I could never do sales? “Sales is a tough industry.” Or better yet, “Sales isn’t for everyone.” If you have been involved in sales for any amount of time, it is easy to find someone who give you their personal opinion on your sales career. Is there any truth in those statements?

Most people would agree that a career in sales is difficult and challenging. There is absolutely some truth in that statement. Let’s just say it once again. “Sales isn’t for everyone.”

The problem with that statement is it doesn’t tell the whole story. I personally believe anyone can learn the skill of being in sales. Anyone can learn how to influence a decision-making process. NOT EVERYONE has the mental fortitude to deal with the emotional swings of being in sales.

Be sure to watch my most recent video blog, where I discuss how to get over this mental hurdle.

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