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There’s three things you need to do to generate your first sale within the first 90 days of your business.
It is important to get your first sale as soon as possible when you are a brand new sales professional or entrepreneur. I get it.
But the reality is more people will tell you ‘no’ than tell you ‘yes.’ You will fumble a lot and probably not going to do well. Since it’s a new service, you are still honing your competitive and product knowledge.
But you can accelerate that process and ensure you get your first customer in less than 90 days!

1. Identify your ideal client avatar

The first step to generating your first sale in the next 90 days is identifying who you’re going after. Research and create this person, give them a name (maybe even make up an entire life story), then flesh out their background so they have more than just product relevance when potential clients come across your site or social media posts advertising deals.
Every product and service is geared towards one person. So you need to identify ‘who exactly is this person I’m selling to? Who am I solving this problem for? ‘
This also involves pointing out their demographics and psychographics.
Where does this person live?
How old is this person?
What’s their education level?
What’s their income level?
What does this person care about?
What do they YouTube?
What do they google?
What do they spend the weekends doing?
And the list goes on.
You would know who to focus all your marketing efforts on the moment you gain clarity on who your ideal client avatar is!

2. Identify their problem

It is important to identify the problem you are solving for your customers as this will help you understand what they need and want in order to solve their concerns more effectively.
It’s crucial to know how those problems are impacting their lives— and how your products or services would solve those concerns!
Become incredibly well versed in the problem you’re trying to solve so that you could speak to it better than the person that’s experiencing this problem. Bonus if it’s a problem you once experienced before.

3. Identify the financial impact of their problem

If you can tell the financial impact that your prospect is experiencing, and you could present a solution that can alleviate this financial problem, then your prospect will buy from you. And the only reason most new entrepreneurs or sales professionals don’t do that is that they haven’t done the research to know how much a problem is costing the client whether that’s money, time, or productivity. If you figure this out, then you can present a solution that you could sell.
By doing those simple three things, you will be in a better position to make your first sale in your first 90 days.

Going for more sales

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