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Have you ever wondered why top sales performers are ALWAYS top sales performers? It seems that sales just come easy to those people. Sales professionals who are successful often do something that others don’t – they have a skill for it. But it’s not an accident because those people do something different than the rest of the sales reps don’t do.
So let’s break down the 5 things that top sales performers consistently do.

1. They embrace objections

When you hear an objection during your sales process, it’s an opportunity to build value and clarify why the solution you’re proposing is solving a problem. When you hear an objection during your sales process, that is simply a request for more information. Top sales professionals understand this and see objections as a chance to further engage potential customers.
Sales reps who aren’t prepared for objections will struggle to sell their products or services. However, top sales performers can handle any objection that comes their way.

2. They know their sales metrics

To be a top sales performer, you need to know your sales metrics. This includes knowing how many appointments you need to set each month, how many customers you need to speak with to make a sale, and the average sale amount. Additionally, top performers also know that every email, cold call, or social media post they send brings them closer to a set appointment. Knowing your sales metrics by heart is essential for any successful salesman!

3. They know how to build value while highlighting the pain

Top sales performers understand that people say yes for two reasons: pleasure or avoiding pain. When they identify a pain while speaking to their prospect, this is their opportunity to build and add additional value to the process. By digging deep into the customer’s pain, they make them visualize it.
Top sales performers assign a quantifiable value to the pain they uncovered. If you have a $10,000 problem, you can have a $5,000 product. If you have a $5,000 problem, you can’t have a $10,000 product. Top sales reps know this, so they find the pain, and they build additional value on why their solution will help alleviate their prospect of this paint.

4. They are incredibly authentic and humble

Most sales reps don’t understand that the game of sales never ends. Top sales performers know that a no is simply a no right now. But it’s not a no forever. They remain humble and appreciative of the time they spent with the prospects by saying thank you and following up. They remain authentic by being honest with their pricing, urgency, and offer.
There are too many sleazy sales reps out there. When you search “sales training” right now, you’ll see there’s a division of sales trainers: the authentic ones and those that aren’t. So you as a sales rep would want to fall in the line of being authentic and ethical. Because Top performers are humble, authentic, and straightforward – something you should aspire to be.

5. They know when it’s time to walk away

Top sales reps know when to walk away. They’re not going to kill the relationship, but at this point, they know a venture isn’t going to return, close, or not worth the time. This venture is not worth the time they’re putting into it. Top sales reps know when it’s time to walk away from a deal that isn’t the right fit– no matter how much they think they need the deal.
There are many reasons to walk away from a sales prospect, just like there are many reasons to lose at gambling. Bad sales reps tend to hold onto losing customers for too long, hoping they will eventually close the deal. However, no one has time for that – it’s better to simply walk away when things aren’t going your way. Additionally, you should only pursue qualified prospects whose timing is right – if it’s not meant to be, don’t force it. Otherwise, a lot of time will be wasted.

Bonus tip: Top performers commit to improving their skills

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